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We look forward to sharing our love of Arabians and other breeds with you. 

We have some lovely sales horses and welcome visitors. 

Please contact us to schedule a visit. 


Farm Info:

Welcome to Dasara! 

The farm is located on 50 beautiful acres less than an hour east of Atlanta. 

Pastures and stallion runs of various sizes surround the stallion barn, the mare barn and several arenas. 

The staff and owners live on the farm.      


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Dasara Farms
Owned By Sarah King
1694 Knox Chapel Road
Social Circle, GA 30025
770.464.0044 Barn
770.630.8541 Sarah's Cell
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From the ancient deserts of the Middle East evolved the oldest known breed of riding horse, the Arabian. Now one of the most popular breeds in America, the Arabian's incredible energy, intelligence and gentle disposition allow riders to excel in most equine sports and activities. Today, Arabian horses spend as much time on the trail as they do at horse shows and other competitive events.